• Established in 1914, the VFW Auxiliary is the nation’s oldest veterans’ service organization auxiliary.

• Members of the VFW Auxiliary are the relatives of those who have served in overseas combat.

• There are nearly a half million members representing all 50 states.

• We serve the veterans of this country and our communities in honor of the sacrifices and commitment of every man and woman who has served in uniform.

• It is our mission to assist the VFW in any way we can. We share a common goal of serving veterans, their families and our communities.

• During the 2018-2019 Program Year, Auxiliaries provided a total of 6.2 million dollars in aid to veterans, active-duty military and their families. 

VFW 7119 Auxiliary events throughout the year include:

-Po Man’s Dinner to benefit Susan G. Komen, Race For A Cure

-Toys For Love to benefit Lawrence Fire Department’s season of giving to children in Lawrence, Indiana

-POW/MIA Candlelight Service at Dusk

-Chili Dinner to benefit community service activities (i.e. Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade, etc.)

There are more than 3,800 Auxiliaries nationwide and we are working here in Lawrence, Indiana to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans.

Learn how you can get involved at www.vfwauxiliary.organd visit us on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/vfw7119/.

Join Us! Annual or Lifetime Auxiliary membership options available.

Eligibility Requirements for VFW Auxiliary Membership:

Members must be citizens of the United States or a United States National, and at least 16 years old.

Those eligible are:

  • Husband/Wife
  • Widower/Widow
  • Father/Mother
  • Grandfathers/Grandmothers
  • Sons/Daughters
  • Grandsons/Granddaughters
  • Brothers/Sisters

Of persons who were or are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Those eligible for membership in the VFW are those that have received a campaign medal for overseas service; have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea; or have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay. Click here for more information.

Step- and adopted parents, children, siblings (and half-siblings), grandparents and grandchildren are considered the same as biological parents, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren and may join the VFW Auxiliary under their VFW-eligible veteran.

Proof of service is required for eligibility and must be obtained by the applicant.

Information on a veteran’s service record can be obtained by contacting:
National Archives and Records Administration
Phone: 1-866-272-6272

If you have membership questions or need more information, please contact us at info@vfwauxiliary.org or visit VFW 7119 for more details.



Cancer Grants

The VFW Auxiliary offers cancer grants to members who are battling cancer. Eligibility requirements:

• Applicant must be a member of the VFW Auxiliary for one (1) full year.
• Current dues must be paid before applying for a cancer grant.
• After twelve (12) months have passed from date of diagnosis or last treatment, application will not be accepted.
• A member is allowed two (2) grants during lifetime.Twelve (12) months must elapse between new diagnosis and/or treatment from date of first grant for a second application to be considered. Continuous treatment which lasts beyond the twelve (12) month period will qualify for a second grant.
• Application will be rejected if member has been deceased for longer than 30 days.

The grant amount is currently $550.00 and funds are paid directly to the member or, in the case of a deceased member, to their estate. Funds are dispersed 2-4 weeks following the acceptance and approval of the completed and signed application.

Visit the Member Benefits section of website for more details. www.vfwauxiliary.org

Please read the instructions carefully before submitting an application. The most common reason an application is denied is due to missing information from either the member or physician. Questions? Contact National Headquarters at 816.561.8655.

Continuing Education Scholarship

The VFW Auxiliary is pleased to present the Continuing Education Scholarship to assist members and their immediate family members who wish to further their education by pursing a college degree or career direction at a vocational/technical school.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicant must be one of the following:
    • Current VFW Auxiliary Member*
    • Spouse of current VFW Auxiliary Member*
    • Son of current VFW Auxiliary Member*
    • Daughter of current VFW Auxiliary Member*

*Qualifying member must have been a member of the VFW Auxiliary for one (1) year by the application submission deadline.

What is the Scholarship Amount?

  • Four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded each year, one in each of the four VFW Auxiliary Conferences.

What are the Scholarship Submission Requirements?
Each applicant must:

  • Answer all questions on the application.
  • Write a brief essay (no more than 300 words) describing their commitment to their goals and how this scholarship will help them attain these goals.

What are the Scholarship Deadlines?

  • July 1: Application process begins.
  • February 15: All applications must be submitted to VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters.*
  • May 1: Scholarship recipients are notified.

* required deadlines

Application through link: